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Make innovation actionable!

You would like to learn more on innovation and the underlying concepts?

You are starting the journey around innovation, a new way of working and are interested in getting a deeper understanding on what is needed.

We can provide you different options to start and continue the journey:

Learn more about the first product

Impulse presentation to give you an overview on certain topics
Innovation is a broad topic with different dimensions. We can give you an overview of these different dimensions as well as the connections and interdependencies. Going deeper into the topic we can share insights around the following topics

  • Sweet spot of innovation and what are the challenges for implementation?
  • What are the environmental conditions to foster innovation/be innovative and what should be considered when implementing them? These conditions include incentives based on outcomes, culture, leadership, organizational setup, strategy…
  • What are the key personality types for fostering innovation? What is a good combination and what kind of mindset & culture do I need to create high performing teams?
  • What are the skills we need to build up in our people and what are the different innovation concepts (Benefits & Applicability)? What is the essence of the various publications and methodologies?

Learning Nuggets providing the basic terms and concepts
When you search on the internet, in bookstores or podcast providers you find a lot of publications around innovation. They use terms like Design Thinking, Lean Startup. Lego © Serious Play, check-in/check-out. liberating structures, etc.

With these learning nuggets we will help you in getting a jump start into a selected topic. Bringing the terms into context and guiding you deeper into your learning journey. These learnings can be a combination of emails, videos, articles, quizzes and other games. A common theme is that they are all structured based on learning outcomes and are a combination of knowledge transfer and verification. As we believe knowledge needs to be experienced and used. 

The advantage compared to several days of tough training sessions: the content is split and the attention span is kept high. With modern and creative methods we create a unique and exciting learning experience. or you and your teams.

Customized training & learning sessions
When the people involved with innovation are speaking the same language we can support you in creating a deeper understanding of the concepts and how this transfers to your business. We acknowledge that there are different types of learners and different types of challenges to transfer concepts in a tangible way. 

Based on your starting point we create customized training concepts for you combining exploration of new knowledge as well as building on the vast knowledge and experience available in the room. 

This benefits in giving everyone involved the same understanding and the same glossary around innovation. This avoids misunderstandings in communication and when creating our own path into the transformation.

Empower your employees!

You would like to enable and empower your employees to be innovative?

You are facing the challenge of introducing an innovation culture & mindset in the organization, including experimentation as well as continuous learning. 

You would like to build up skills around innovation and agile methods, concepts and tools in your employees.

Learn more about the second product

As a starting point we can support you and your employees with 

  • Learning Nuggets providing the basic terms and concepts
  • Customized training & learning sessions

Look at  “Make innovation actionable!”

for deeper understanding we can create a customized concepts providing you with Team and individual Coaching and mentoring
While your organization is undergoing a transformation it is beneficial to accompany your teams and employees along the journey. Besides capability building via e.g. training and hands-on work, coaching and mentoring can be beneficial as reflection and growth into the future. Both methods can be used to build high performing and motivated individuals and teams.

We understand coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change, in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. It is future focused. The client is seen as an expert in his / her life and work. Emphasis in a coaching relationship is the assumption that individuals or teams are capable of generating their own solutions, with the coach supplying supportive, discovery-based approaches and frameworks.

Coaching and mentoring are both guided conversations, which trigger self-initiated change. While coaching is purely building on the resources available in the individuals and teams, there are insights provided by the mentor during the mentoring process. 

Team coaching can focus on collaboration and communication and can happen during agile retrospectives or team building events. Examples for individual coaching can be personal development, starting and defining your role in a new position as well as conflict resolution or preparing a structured feedback.

Potential topics could be:

  • How to structure on-boarding in a virtual setup 
  • Carrier or personal development 
  • Conflict resolution in teams or between people
  • Leadership coaching to a servant leadership within the VUCA world (“Leader not as a command and controller but as a coach”)
  • Develop a team to a high performing team

Create an Innovation Engine!

You would like to create an innovation engine?

You envision having an innovation engine delivering new products & solutions to existing and new markets. You are looking for a partner to help you to

Learn more about the third product

Define the vision & strategy driving your innovation 
In order to focus your efforts and not get lost in all the great ideas your teams and customers provide, you need to define your vision and strategy. This includes the types of innovation you would like to focus on. This can be in the areas of configuration (e.g. process, profit model), offering (product performance, product system) or experience (e.g. customer engagement, service). We can help you to reflect the guidance you get from the market and customers. As supporting decision making tools we can help you to define metrics in order to evaluate and compare your idea portfolio at certain review points along the process. This makes sure that you invest into opportunities with a higher potential for success.

Define and roll-out innovation process / framework / approach
The sweet spot of innovation is in the intersection of desirability (customer need), viability (business model) and feasibility (technology & delivery). We help you to set your business up for continuous evaluation along these dimensions. The innovation process / framework guides you to progressively reduce uncertainty and risk towards commercial success. The increasing understanding of the opportunity shall be built on learning and evidence based decision making. 

Define skills and the people development including mindset and behavior 
Every strategy and process comes to life with the people driving it. One of the pillars is introducing an innovation culture & mindset in the organization. This includes:

  • A safe environment to raise concern and give open, constructive feedback
  • Support for experimentation and continuous learning. 
  • Welcomes wild ideas and builds on them
  • Support creativity

This is complemented with the “hard” knowledge around innovation concepts like Lean Startup, Design Thinking, agile frameworks, OKRs. Here we can support you in the enablement of your employees (see You would like to enable and empower your employees to be innovative?)

Furthermore, we can support you in finding the people with the t-shaped profile fitting your needs and envisioned future. Go for potential and growth!

Organizational Ecosystem
Your innovation engine needs to be embedded in an organizational ecosystem that supports outcome based planning, decision making and budgeting and most importantly a learning organization. This could build on e.g. lean portfolio management, agile frameworks, innovation budgeting, empowered product teams. 

We can support you in these areas based on our own knowledge integrating the experience and knowledge of our expert network.

Tackle a specific challenge!

You would like to find support for a specific challenge?

We intend to provide you with a customized solution including experts needed to solve the challenge. To give you some examples:

Learn more about the forth product

You have a business problem to solve or you are looking for innovative solutions for occuring problems? Let us facilitate a DesignThinking workshop for you!

  • You need an expert in developing the agile leadership mindset for your agile journey, we can connect you with experts performing the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and additional leadership coaching.
  • You would like to train your organization in agile methodologies, communication or leadership. We can link you to professional trainers.
  • You have planned a workshop or series of workshops and you need a facilitator to prepare and run them. Get in touch with us!
  • You would like to give your workshops a complete new and innovative spin – ever tried LEGO serious play?
  • You need a neutral outsider to develop a team to a high performing team. We have the right expert and methodology for you!
  • You are introducing agile ways of working and need an agile coaching support.
  • You would like to redesign your processes to be more customer centric and efficient, we can design and facilitate a Service Design workshop for you!

We can support you by finding the right expert to achieve your goal.

Be part of the expert network!

You are an expert and would like to explore new challenges?

You are working as an expert in a company or in your own company and would like to spread your wings and your knowledge about different companies or businesses. We can connect you to these opportunities.

Learn more about the fifth product

Furthermore you can meet other experts when working together for a customer challenge. Connect and learn from each other. 

In the Anthom Network you can take advantage of flexible and individualized support

  • Get connected with facilitation, training and project opportunities in different markets & business
  • No desire for “bureaucratic effort” or writing offers and invoices? We take that off your hands
  • You are an expert and not a salesperson? Let us do the marketing for you.
  • Work closely together with other experts and keep on growing
  • Co-Create your concepts with us tailored to the needs of the customer

You are wondering how to make sense of the information and sources around innovation and agility?

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