Our Mission

Our mission is to support established as well as new organizations to build up a sustainable business, generating innovative products and solutions. A business building on the core competencies of the organization, enriched by the capabilities needed for a successful future.

We support this by providing customized solutions for individual needs in the areas of innovation processes, agility, transformation, leadership and mindset development with our network of facilitators, experts and coaches.

The story behind the „why“

Coming from the healthcare industry we are passionate about innovation and high medical value solutions. We are fully committed to our strong purpose of contributing to society with medical solutions. Innovation is the key: How do you transfer ideas, given our often limited resources, to targeted solutions that are not only feasible but also needed by the customer?

In this context, we were not only able to acquire a great amount of knowledge, but also to build up a large network of motivated experts who are themselves successfully engaged in innovative companies.

However, during our journey we realized that organizations repeatedly struggle with innovation and fail to realize their own potential. Innovation is misunderstood with often competing ideas. The notion that innovation is actually a capability that needs to be nurtured and managed and is a measurable and risk-reducing process is often missing. In addition to process knowledge, the innovation mindset is underestimated. Yet it should be so simple:

Innovation isn’t ‘creativity’, it’s a capability that you manage, that you keep up to date and is vital for the success of a company.

With this in mind we are constantly improving the way we create and deliver solutions by

  • Observing and questioning the status-quo by proving proposals
  • Collaborating and enabling employees to improve their work and work environment
  • Being curious and continuously learning from others and from other industries
  • Experimenting and integrating learnings into our organization in order to be a truly customer centric company

We want to share this knowledge and network. Imagine when companies and organizations begin to fully exploit the innovative potential that lies dormant within them. Imagine what your “tomorrow” looks like “today”!

Our Values

We believe in:

and transparency

We have open discussions with our clients including obstacles and possible risks.

Empathetic and hands-on collaboration

We listen actively and create proposals together with you in order to achieve a successful co-creation partnership.

Creative and structured approach

We combine creative ideation and methodical thinking in order to create the best solution for you.

Curiosity and systemic perspective

We constantly learn and try to integrate various concepts based on a systemic perspective.

Our Vision: We shape our customers’ tomorrow, today.


Annette (the creator) and Thomas (the connector). Two passionate entrepreneurs and founders, who are enthusiastic about the innovations of tomorrow. With more than 37 years of combined experience in healthcare and R&D, they see how companies and business units fail to realize their full innovative potential.

But it can be so simple!

With concepts proven in practice and a network of competent experts who are themselves active in business, they want to support companies in unleashing their innovative power to help them shape our future.

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